Istanbul: City of the World's Desires

Some International Trend Setters Call Istanbul The Hippest City In The World

Istanbul has a vibrating energy that was hard to describe. An Istanbul City guide reveals the deep sense of cultural pride that runs through the veins of the locals, so it is hard to ignore. The face of modern Istanbul is revealing the innovative side of that pride and a new antiquity is reinventing the city. Some locals call that new antiquity Mod Med.

An Istanbul city guide introduces visitors to an abundance of important historic buildings, but the new museums and art galleries provide visitors with a unique sense of international fashion that strikes a cord of beauty. That beauty resonates during the action packed days, and well into the never-ending party-hearty nights. Istanbul is the now Mod Med city where locals want to see and be seen in the eclectic barsrestaurants, and clubs that seem to spread an infectious attitude of joie de vivre that never seems to end.

This dual faced metropolis maintains a strong sense of religious decency and moral servitude while it bubbles over in 21st century "hotness." Istanbul is still rooted in the raki-soaked taverns (meyhane) and the peaceful cay bahcesi (tea gardens); the locals wouldn't want it any other way.