Istanbul Health and Safety

A couple of words usually describes the health and safety in Istanbul. Those words are the same in any big city: Use common sense, especially when it comes to carrying and exchanging money. Istanbul has pickpockets, taxi cab scams, and purse snatchers just like any other city around the world, so it’s important to keep valuables in a safe place. The violent crime rate is very low in Istanbul so there’s no need to worry about being mugged unless you travel alone at night in areas like Tarlabasi, Dolapdere, and some parts of Karakoy and Galata. Those places should be avoided since crime seems to be a way of life in those places. There are very good private hospitals ambulance services, and medicine available when they are needed. Drug stores exist everywhere in Istanbul, but the hotel can assist you or you might want to bring your own medicines from home.

Emergency Phone Numbers Police : 155 –  Traffic police : 154 – Ambulance : 112