The Nightlife in Istanbul

Hanging onto your party attitude in this melting pot of action is never a problem since the nightlife in Istanbul rivals cities like New York, London, and Paris. Istanbul has turned into a hip churning, whiskey and wine drinking oasis that offers something for the partier in all of us. There are over 390 bars and clubs in the city, but here are some of our favorite spots to rock till the sun comes up:


Reina Nightclub, Istanbul
is the place to see and be seen. The who’s who in Turkey party in this Bosphorus shore club.


Anjelique Nightclub, Istanbul, Turkey
is another Bosphorus party club that never disappoints out-of-town action seekers.


Love is Istanbul hottest gay club and it is usually packed on the weekends.

Public Bar

Public Bar, Istanbul
is one of those spots that should be in another part of the city, but it’s worth a try if you want a little action with no crowds.

Nu Club

Nu Club is casual, popular with the hip and those people who want to experience theme parties.